As a big fan of Pandora I was annoyed by the fact that access was shut to non-US listeners a while back. Being a person with technical insight it did not take me many minutes to circumvent the block imposed by Pandora. Pandora was back!

What I did realise after a short while was that obviously there were people in the same situation as I had been in myself. So I decided to give them a hand.

Globalpandora offers you the easiest solution so you can again listen to Pandora outside the United States of America. Enjoy the music and please feel free to leave your feedback.

I would like to point out that I have been a paying subscriber to the Pandora service for a few years now and I would recommend everyone who enjoys Pandora to do the same. It is only a few dollars a month which can support Pandora in their great effort so far, plus you get access to their premium features.

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